Sunday, 11 December 2011

Reflection 6 - Last Day Case Studies!

Wow, what an amazing experience EDUC 5163 was!  Thank you to Barbara Welsford for the wonderful learning experience.  Today was my favorite day so far, as I enjoyed and learned a lot from the case studies.  It was great to see the wide range of assistive technology each student used and the results each case study had. 

I was definitely able to recognize the importance of using technology at a young age, and how the apps help engage the learner.  Listening to the passion in some students’ stories was very powerful.  It was interesting to hear how teachers tried to match the technology to their students' needs and the results they experienced.   The wiggly cushion worked for some students, but not all, as well as earobics.  Starfall seems like a program I would recommend for younger students who need to develop their language skills.  Co-Writer is an amazing tool for any student who is faced with a writing disability.  I was also intrigued by the use of Raz Kids with a whole class and the benefits it brings to any stage reader.  As well, I was interested to see that the voice recorder was not successful with a student because I had found it very frustrating to use myself.

I am happy about the technology I have tried with my students and I am excited to continue to try more of it in the classroom!  This class has motivated me to continue to learn about the emerging assistive technology in our educational world.  I would like to leave you with a cute little story that explains the technology in our life...

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