Sunday, 23 October 2011


Writing Toolkit
This is a great app because it guides you through the writing process.  It describes an explanation of various writing activities, such as describing what the plot and setting mean.  It also explains the parts of speech to students and provides examples of each.  Students who need extra support and direction will benefit from this application because they have the option to review the information again on their own and using a different method.  It breaks down the information into smaller chunks for students who need to go step by step to create a writing piece.  It also encourages the student to be more independent.  This app could be used for students between grades 4-12 who struggle with understanding the writing process.

Fraction Calculator
As a math teacher, I really like this app.  You can choose a fraction and it describes each part (numerator and denominator) and number of the fraction.  It shows the number as a mixed number, and reduces it to lowest form.  It also shows the fraction in its decimal form and with a pictorial.  This application would be beneficial for students who need extra support and reminders about the parts of fractions.  It would be a quick app to use at home for reviewing homework.  Students who have difficulty with changing fractions to decimals could use this application to check their work.  Excellent for junior high students being introduced to fractions.

Tic Tac Math
This application is an excellent tool to engage students in practicing operations.  With a partner they play tic tac toe with math operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  A great activity for differentiated learning styles or students who finish their work early.  Students can use this application at almost any age because it allows you to pick your difficulty level.

Other applications of interest which are great for reinforcing reading, writing and mathematical skills:

Shakespeare Made Easy
Spelling Magic
Word Photo
Autism Express
Grammar Match
Speak it
Voice Reader

Pictello is an easy to use app to create storybooks or photo albums.  You can load pictures from your device into the storybook, along with text, which the device reads back to you.  You can share these storybooks through Pictello's server or through iTunes.

Some ways students can use Pictello include:
  • taking photos on a field trip and creating a story of each event
  • creating a storybook of a class event to show a student who is absent
  • a student who is going on a family trip could create a story of their adventure in replacement of an assignment missed
  • a student in my class with Autism uses this app to create a story of his day at school to present to his mother after school
  • a student with anxiety or another disorder could use this by reviewing their schedule or class routines prior to attending school

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  1. Hi Shauna: great work. Thanks for sharing your favourites...especially the math feedback. Note however - the pink text is really hard to read:(