Thursday, 17 November 2011


On the 4th class, in groups, we created an assistive technology commercial using ReelDirector.  I had never heard of this app and it definitely took a while to figure out how to use it!  Once we became familiar with the app and were able to upload a video, place captions and an introduction to it, we realized it wasn’t difficult to learn.  Even though it was time consuming, ReelDirector is a great app that allows students to document their day, demonstrate content knowledge, or express their feelings in various ways.  A teacher could assign a project using ReelDirector and evaluate students according to the following categories:

-Literacy skills (reading and writing)
-Research skills (applying learned information)
-Technology skills (media)
-Communication skills (speaking and listening)      
-Group work (planning and collaboration)
-Problem solving
-Content (the assigned topic)
-Comprehension (demonstrates knowledge)
-Audience (consideration)

Students could be evaluated by the teacher, as well as peer and self evaluation on selected topics from above.

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